Body Color OOD was founded in 1995. Its production site is located in the industrial zone of Ilientzi district, Sofia. The main activity of the company is the production of paints, lacquers, putties and thinners.


The products are offered under the registered trade marks ALKYDEM® and BODY COLOR®, and are fall into three main groups:


  1. The auto-repair products such as paints, lacquers, putties
    and primers enjoy the biggest share. The company has developed and adopted a colour MIX system for auto-refinish paints - both 2K Acrylic and  1К BASE COAT in coloured, metallic and pearl versions. It covers more than 40'000 colours of all car makes.
  2. The second product group finds application in construction -
    these are latex paints for interior application, façade paints and primers for them. In order to better satisfy the customers' requirements, we have a TINTING system for these paints as well.
  3. The third product group of Body Color OOD comprises the industrial
    paints, lacquers and primers, which are designed mainly for the machine
    building companies - for corrosion protection and decoration of their machines.


To control the quality of our paints, lacquers and other products, we have a well-equipped chemical laboratory.Four chemical engineers with big and long experience in the paint & coatings industry lead the team, and this contributes to the high quality of the products and the European level of newly developed products.


Body Color's products are sold with success on the domestic market, and price-wise we are quite competitive compared to the rest of the firms which offer similar products. Part of our production is exported to Russia, the Ukraine, Serbia and Greece.


All our products meet the EU requirements for VOC (volatile organic compounds) and meet the European requirements.


The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified in line with the procedures of TUV NORD CERD, certificate № 44 100 081079.

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